"I have been using WD my passport for some time. However, I"m having an issue with it as my computer doesn"t detect it now. Have you got the solution?"

Unfortunately, many people have been facing the "WD passport not showing up" issue. There are some major causes of this issue that should be taken care of to lớn prevent this scare.Many people store their important information in an external hard drive as no one can access them. The information can be about their business or personal life. You"d be pretty gutted when your Windows 10 refuses khổng lồ accept WD my passport.It is indeed the point of concern & can make anybody extremely disappointed. You can surely take many steps lớn solve this issue, but every step you take may turn out to lớn be missed or hit for you.Luckily, you can get rid of this unwanted situation after reading this guide as we"ll explore appropriate solutions lớn your issue.

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Part 2: How to lớn Fix WD Passport Not Showing Up?Part 4: WD Passport Not Showing Up FAQS

Part 1: Reasons for WD Passport Not Showing Up 

There are so many reasons that can cause "WD passport not showing up Windows 10"chaos.

Here are some major reasons:

A damaged USB hub or faulted USB cable can cause the issue.You may face the issue if you don"t assign a drive letter lớn a WD passport drive.Outdated WD drive driver might be causing the chaos you"re struggling with.Faulty Universal USB controllers can also be the culprits behind the whole fuss.

Part 2: How lớn Fix WD Passport Not Showing Up? 

Solution 1: Plug WD passport into another USB port 

You can try changing the port to prevent the "WD passport not showing up" problem. Sometimes, the port gets damaged và ends up causing the issue you"re currently facing.

Here"s how khổng lồ change your port.

Step 1: After taking out the WD passport, you"ll need to lớn clean other ports you"re looking khổng lồ use.

Step 2: Now, you"ll need lớn plug your hard drive khổng lồ port and kiểm tra whether this tricks or not.


Solution 2: Replace the USB cable with a spare one 

If the "WD passport not showing up Windows 10" problem persists, you can try changing your USB despite changing the port. Sometimes, the USB cables become a fault, & your PC denies detecting it.

After changing your USB, you need to lớn try if your PC detects the WD my passport. If it doesn"t detect, you need to move on to lớn the next solution.


Solution 3: Run Device and Hardware Troubleshooter

If you"re still struggling with the same issue, you can try opening và running Hard & Device Troubleshooter. Doing so helps you detect any issue that is the main culprit behind the fuss.

For this, you can navigate khổng lồ start tìm kiếm and access the hard and device troubleshooter. Moreover, you can find the tool through Windows 10 settings troubleshooter page.


Solution 4:Update USB controller và WD my passport external hard drive

Another thing that might help you get rid of the "WD passport not showing up"" is updating the USB controller or WD, My passport drivers.

Remember, updating your device drivers will always help you fix the minor issues that your computer tends to lớn face. After updating your drivers, you"ll be able lớn fix the issue you"re facing.


Solution 5:Change your WD drive letter và path

You can make your Windows 10 detect WD passport by changing path and drive letters.

Follow the guide below to vày it.

Step 1: Hit the "Ok" button after entering "diskmhmt.msc" in run.

Step 2: Now, you"ll need to lớn choose Change Drive Letter and Paths icon after hitting the WD passport on the disk management.

Step 3: You can assign a new drive later after clicking the "Add" option. Later, you"ll need lớn select a new driver letter pressing "Assign the following drive letter." Now, all you need to vì is lớn hit OK and restart your computer.


Solution 6:Check the disk tệp tin system

If you haven"t found the method useful, there might be some issues with your disk"s tệp tin system. Sometimes, WD my passport hard drive, gets damaged, which might end up causing the issue you"re currently having.


Solution 7: Remove và reinstall the USB controller on your WD hard drive

USB controller plays a pretty important role in connecting your system with USB drives. However, if you find that the USB controller isn"t properly installed, you"ll need khổng lồ remove & reinstall it again. Doing so at times can help you eliminate the "WD passport not recognized"" problem.

After navigating to the device manager & expanding the Universal Bus controller option, you can find the USB controller.

After finding the controller, you can uninstall it và then restart your computer lớn see how it goes.


Solution 8: Run anti-virus software

If neither of the methods mentioned above helped your cause, you"d need khổng lồ run Anti-virus. Doing so can help you scan the vi khuẩn on your PC.


Part 3: How khổng lồ Recover Data from Windows with "WD Passport Not Showing Up" Error?

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