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TypeReleasedRYM Rating Genres
ArtistThe Chainsmokers
7 April 2017
1.11 / 5.00.5 from 2,013 ratings

repetitive, male vocals, sentimental, female vocals, bittersweet, hedonistic, breakup, love, rhythmic, melodic, melancholic, passionate

Alex Pall recording engineer8, executive producerAdam Alpert executive producerJames Zwadlo photography, directorOlivia Smith thiết kế
Nicole "Coco" Llorens assistant engineer1, 7, 9Martin Gray assistant engineer2, 11Sean Scanlon vocals2Desi Aguilar assistant engineer3Kane Parfitt piano3, keyboards3Philip Plested guitar3Matthew Holmes sampling3, programming3, recording engineer6Philip Leigh sampling3, programming3, recording engineer6Owen Butcher assistant engineer5Aleks Von Korff assistant engineer5Harry Roberts background vocals8Jonathan Perkins string arrangements11Eivind Nordland vocal editing12Mac & Phil producer3Captain Cuts producer2
kingmack Apr 24 2022 0.50 stars
Why does this exist? I guess I have lớn give credits where credits due. I don't know if they spent too much time watching exploitation horror films or what was going on in their minds, but a Chainsmokers track featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay should be considered a torture method. Every tuy nhiên was so bland, boring and lacking in personality, I felt my soul was being sucked away. It's like every boring pop cliché condensed into one musical project and released into the public in order to make the world a worse place than it already is.
FAV TRACKS: Uh... I guess "The One" if I REALLY had lớn pick one. WORST TRACKS: My Type, Last Day Alive, Something Just like This, Paris.1/10.
chalkboardmusic Apr 18 2022 1.50 stars

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MrSmith03 Mar 28 2022 ▼ 1.00 stars