Xiaomi mi Box 3 Pro has powerful performance. Compared with Xiaomi mày Box 3, it has made some adjustments and upgrades in terms of appearance and configuration. What are the differences between Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro và Xiaomi ngươi Box 3? Let’s take a look.


Xiaomi mày Box 3 vs xiaomi TV Box Pro: appearance

Appearance is the biggest change in the Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro. The Pro of Xiaomi mi Box 3 has been turned into a pure trắng from the darkness of the xiaomi box. From the front, the Xiaomi mi Box 3 Pro is almost the same kích cỡ as the Xiaomi mày Box 3, and the appearance becomes more square & regular.

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However, if you look from the side, the difference is big! The Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 Plus has an active fan, so the thickness is greatly increased, & the appearance is a large vent. From the perspective of appearance, the Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro is far less beautiful than the shape of the shell like the Xiaomi mi Box 3.


The back is also the place where the two boxes are very different. The Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 has only one USB port, while the Xiaomi mi Box 3 Plus has two. From the back, the Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 Pro is quite square and slightly stiff, while the Xiaomi mày Box 3 is similar to lớn the curved structure of the shell, which is also very beautiful from the back.

Xiaomi mi Box 3 vs xiaomi mi TV Box Pro: remote control

In terms of the remote control, the Xiaomi mày Box 3 Plus version is almost the same as the Xiaomi mày Box 3, except that the respective colors are consistent with the corresponding boxes. Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro of the remote control still supports somatosensory games , it is estimated that this remote control is still sold separately at 99 yuan.


Xiaomi mi Box 3 vs xiaomi TV Box Pro: processor

Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 using Amlogic S905 Cortex-A5 CPU, this CPU itself is still very good performance, daily watching video, multi-tasking switching, playing puzzle games are very good, playing large games is a little hard .

The Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro uses the MT8693 six-core 64-bit processor, including two 2.0GHz Cortex-A72 cores và four 1.6GHz Cortex-A53 cores, which can be described as a big increase in performance. The trò chơi will encounter Caton and there is no pressure to deal with everyday use.

Xiaomi mi Box 3 vs xiaomi mi TV Box Pro: GPU

Xiaomi mi Box 3 uses a Mali-450 GPU, 3 + 2 chip core 750MHz, Mali series is widely used in the TV box, relatively, in the đoạn phim decoding is also unique. & Xiaomi mi Box 3 Pro replaced the GPU, equipped with a nguồn VR GX6250, this GPU is even used on some mid-range phones, showing strong performance.


Xiaomi mày Box 3 vs mi TV Box Pro: memory

Xiaomi mi Box 3 Pro will directly upgrade the memory khổng lồ 2GB LPDDR3, double the memory capacity of Xiaomi mi Box 3! At present, there 2G memory box is not too much, Thailand, Czech Republic, launched in 2015, equipped with 2G memory box WE30PRO still priced as high as $ 499, high-end box is visible 2G memory the most important threshold.

Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 vs xiaomi TV Box Pro: RAM

Xiaomi mày Box 3 toàn thân comes with 4G memory, the measured system occupies about 2.6G, leaving the user to lớn install the software space is only a little more than 1G, this is the shortcomings of Xiaomi mày Box 3; Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro from With 8GB eMMC 5.0 high-speed flash memory, this problem is perfectly solved.

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Xiaomi mi Box 3 vs xiaomi TV Box Pro: other details

Xiaomi mi Box 3 & Pro actually tư vấn 4K playback, và the ability of 4K playback is not low. However, the mặc định resolution of Xiaomi mày Box 3 is 720P. The xiaomi Pro has a real upgrade. The default is 1080P resolution.

In addition, the Xiaomi mày Box 3 Pro uses a dual-antenna dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi network. This technology can tư vấn both 2.4G and 5G networks, which is very powerful!


Comprehensive view, Xiaomi mi Box 3 Pro has a very big progress compared to lớn Xiaomi mày Box 3. If you want to upgrade your own equipment & accept the appearance of Xiaomi ngươi Box 3 Pro, then you can choose Xiaomi mày Box 3 Enhanced Edition!

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