Lee min ho and kim go eun confirmed marriage

When Lee Min Ho turned photographer on the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch; Was he capturing Kim Go Eun?
The King: Eternal Monarch may have ended a few weeks ago. But the makers recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the episodes leading khổng lồ the series' end. The Korean drama marked the return of Lee Min Ho following the completion of his compulsory military training. The actor starred opposite Goblin actress Kim Go Eun. This was the first time that the two stars were working together on a small screen project. While the series was not received as expected in South Korea, it was loved by the international audiences.

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While we couldn't get enough of the series, The Swoon released a new BTS clip from the sets featuring numerous memorable moments from the final few episodes. The đoạn clip featured Jung Tae Eul stabbed by Luna, Lee Gon taking care of Tae Eul following the incident và a scene in the bamboo forest, among many others.

Among these moments, our attention stopped at a blink-and-miss moment at the 15:18 minute of the video. Kim Go Eun was seen rehearsing for her actress version cameo seen in the last episode. As the actress played out the scene in a casual red tee & comfy pants, Lee Min Ho was standing in his position, sporting his regal outfit.

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While the focus was on Kim Go Eun, we couldn't help but notice Lee Min Ho had pulled out his camera and got busy clicking. During his session, he turned towards the team rehearsing. Although it isn't clear if he clicked the photo, he did bring his camera down soon after he saw the mix up via the phone's lens. Check out the clip here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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