Hp probook 450 g4 y8b60ea notebook review

¹Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems might require upgraded and/or separatelypurchased hardware, drivers, software, or BIOS update to take full advantage of Windows functionality. Windows 10 automatic updates are always enabled. ISP fees might apply và additional requirements might apply over time forupdates.

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²This product does not tư vấn Windows 8 or Windows 7.In accordance with Microsoft tư vấn policy, hoagiai.vn does not hoagiai.vn the Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system on thisproduct or provide any Windows 8 or Windows 7 drivers.
¹Processor tốc độ denotes maximum performance mode; processors run at lower speeds in battery optimizationmode. Multicore is designed khổng lồ improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or softwareapplications necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency varydepending on application workload & hardware and software configurations. Hãng intel numbering is not ameasurement of higher performance. HD content required khổng lồ view HD images.
NVIDIA Optimus giải pháp công nghệ requires an hãng sản xuất intel processor, plus an NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics configuration and isavailable on Windows 10 Professional. With NVIDIA Optimus technology, full enablement of all discrete graphics videoand display features might not be hoagiai.vned on all systems (e.g. OpenGL applications run on the integrated GPU or theAPU).
Resolutions are dependent upon monitor capability và resolution and màu sắc depth settings. HD nội dung required to view HD images.
For Blu-ray drives, certain disc, digital connection, compatibility and/or performance issues might arise, & do notconstitute defects in the product. Flawless playback on all systems is not guaranteed. Some Blu-ray titles might require an HDMI digital connection, & your display might require HDCP hoagiai.vn. HD-DVD disks cannot beplayed on this drive. Lưu ý that DVD-RAM cannot read or write to 2.6 GB single sided/5.2 GB double sided version 1.0media. Actual speeds might vary.
¹For solid state drives or hard drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to30 GB (for Windows 10) is reserved for system recovery software.
Maximized dual-channel performance requires SODIMMs of the same kích thước and speed in both memory slots.
*The term "10/100/1000" or "Gigabit" Ethernet indicates compatibility with IEEE standard 802.3ab for Gigabit Ethernet & does not connote actual operating tốc độ of 1 Gb/s. For high-speed transmission, connection to lớn a Gigabit Ethernet serverand network infrastructure is required.
¹Sold separately or as an optional feature. Wireless access point and Internet service required and sold separately. Availability of public wireless access pointslimited. The specifications for the 802.11ac WLAN are draft specifications và are not final. If the final specificationsdiffer from the draft specifications, it might affect the ability of the notebook khổng lồ communicate with other 802.11acWLAN devices.
²Mobile broadband requires separately purchased service contract. Kiểm tra with service provider for coverage andavailability in your area. Connection speeds vary due khổng lồ location, environment, network conditions, & otherfactors. 4G LTE not available on all products, or in all areas.
Available only on business PCs with hoagiai.vn BIOS. hoagiai.vn BIOSphere features might vary depending on the PC platform and configuration.
hoagiai.vn mobile Connect is only available on preconfigured devices with WWAN & is not available in all areas.
Requires an mạng internet connection lớn hoagiai.vn web-enabled printer and hoagiai.vn ePrint trương mục registration. Requires optionalbroadband module. Broadband use requires separately purchased service contract.
hoagiai.vn Cloud Recovery download tool (Cloud Recovery Client) is available under Software and Drivers section on the hoagiai.vn page.
¹Windows 10/MM14 battery life varies depending on product model, configuration, loadedapplications, features, use, wireless functionality, và power management settings. The maximum capacity of the batterynaturally decreases with time and usage.

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Height varies depending upon where on the notebook the measurement is made.Weight varies by configuration và components.







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