Connect To Tenda Cameras

1.When running “TendaViewer” on thiết bị di động phone,after clicking the “+” button and then “Setup Wi-Fi Device Connection”, it shows “Wi-Fi connection timed out”

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Firstly, long press the “Reset” button until the camera rings, then the camera starts to rotate. Wait about 1 minute for the camera reboot.
Secondly, run “TendaViewer” and press “+”, click “setup Wi-Fi Device Connection”, then click “QR code Scan” to lớn scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera. Then input đầu vào the Wi-Fi password, và click “Start configuring Wi-Fi”. When Wi-Fi is successfully configured, click “Add Online Device” to địa chỉ cửa hàng the camera lớn your phone.
Remarks: This mode can only be available when the camera is rebooted. Only in this mode can “setup Wi-Fi Device Connection” work. If you fail lớn connect the camera to lớn Wi-Fi the first time, please reboot the camera & do it again. If you still fail, please refer khổng lồ “Quick Installation Guide” và find the second way to lớn config Wi-Fi connection
If the đoạn phim still looks poor, please remove the loop & rotate the lens lớn adjust the clearance of the video.
Lag occurs when the bandwidth for video quality level selected is greater than the bandwidth provided.
Solution: Lower the video unique level or nâng cấp the bandwidth provided by using another Router & adjust the upstream bandwidth of the modem.
Run TendaViewer on your điện thoại thông minh and click beside the online camera,select “Advanced settings”. Click “Alarm”, and turn on “motion detection sensibility”, then click “OK”
Cancel motion detection alarmRun “TendaViewer” và click beside the online camera, select “Advanced settings”, and click “Alarm”, turn off “motion detection sensibility”
6.Remarks:If alarming notification is still pushed to lớn your smartphone, please close the notification authorities of “TendaViewer” on your smartphone.

Video unique options: “HD” “High” “Normal” “Low Bandwidth” four options .You can choose one of them to lớn view the video depend on the network bandwidth;
The factory default focus settings may not match your condition. You can adjust it to lớn the best according khổng lồ your need .turn the focusing ring and kiểm tra the image at the same time. Till the image become clear.(about the focusing ring position ,please reference user manual)
Cameras with CMOS sensor are sensitive lớn light. Videos màu sắc may be affected when the light is dark or the light set with nature light. If the light is too dark, you can add the illumination. If it because of the light mixing with natural light, please just choose one light.
Run TendaViewer on your smartphone, Click this icon
first time, open the infrared LED .Ten second click, shut off the infrared LED.

Keep pressing the Reset button about five seconds, till lớn hear the voice of "di" .Wait about 40 seconds .When the light flashes, the camera reset successfully.
13.Can the IP camera work when connect to computer directly, lượt thích connect the USB camera khổng lồ the computer?
IP camera is an independent network equipment.Just connect the camera lớn the Router via wireless or ethernet cable, the camera can work normally.
The PTZ rotates via motor driving .If the motor rotates frequently, it will shorten the lifetime of the motor. Therefore, we don’t suggest lớn rotate the PTZ for long time.
A.Recording to Micro SD card: it needs lớn purchase Micro SD card và insert the Micro SD card to the camera. The Micro SD thẻ should class6 or above.
B.Recording to computer :record videos locally via the camera’s website page or TendaViewerFor PC software .
Tenda cameras bởi not need lớn register account, which can protect your personal information perfectly. P2P direct đoạn clip transmission technology. The đoạn clip does not via the server to save. Vày not worry about đoạn phim leakage. If the others want to lớn connect to lớn your camera, they have to lớn know the UID và password of the camera .otherwise, no one can connect to your camera.
Support Max up khổng lồ 64G. Under the condition like setting motion detection recording ,the image solution is 640x480, it can record at least one month .
Our camera support standard ONVIF, all kinds of NVR that support standard ONVIF can connect to lớn the camera. The specific connecting method please reference NVR user manual .The ONVIF port of camera please reference the camera user manual .
Yes ,when the Micro SD thẻ is full ,it can cover the previous recording automatically.no need to take out it lớn delete .
Tenda IP camera tư vấn personal Micro SD thẻ to record .Users can trả lời it by điện thoại thông minh .Considering the security, tenda IP cameras bởi vì not support public Cloud Storage.
When viewing the live clip on The Google Chrome browser, it needs to tải về and install VLC truyền thông player first.
22.For stream media player software, like VLC truyền thông player, through what URL address lớn get the đoạn phim stream for the camera?
23.If there is no DHCP server to allocate IP address for the camera, what is the mặc định IP address?


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