Ost original pure c20 vitamin sleep 9 to 5 crema 50ml

Hello everyone!

Today I will be reviewing the ever so popular vitamin c serum, OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum and the OST vi-ta-min Sleep 9 khổng lồ 5 Crema from Wishtrend.com!


A while ago (about 3 months ago) I was given the OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum and the OST vi-ta-min Sleep 9 lớn 5 Crema to try out & review. Wishtrend was kind enough to lớn let me take as long as I needed khổng lồ fully try và test these 2 products to lớn make sure I could experience them to lớn the fullest. So I took the opportunity to lớn use them for 3 months to see how my skin reacted over time.

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So let’s start the review!

I will first talk about the OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum. This serum is the number 1 selling thành quả on Wishtrend.com selling hundreds every day! As you may guess from the name of the product, it is a highly concentrated vitamin C serum designed khổng lồ deliver your skin with the most adequate amount of vi-ta-min C so you can see results fast! vi-ta-min C has many great benefits lớn the skin, some include, increased moisture retention, skin hydration, antioxidant power (the best form of anti-aging), increased collagen production and best of all, it provides the skin with a brightening effect that can reduce and improve the appearance of pigmentation from sun damage & post acne scars & can even help improve acne break outs! All these amazing benefits of a vi-ta-min C serum really made me want to give the OST Original Pure C20 Serum a try so I could see for myself how it could improve my skin issues since I suffer from post acne scars. Like I commonly say in my skincare posts & reviews, I have sensitive, combination và acne prone skin. Having skin lượt thích mine can make finding products challenging since it’s so easy for a product to cause me irritation. So I was a bit nervous about trying the OST line. However I trusted if because it is such a raved about sản phẩm on Wishtrend!


Some of OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum claims

– The serum is always made fresh và sold right away, making sure you receive fresh ingredients for the best skin results.– It contains a 20% combination of L-ascorbic acid with natural vi-ta-min C antioxidants lớn aid in the prevention of the first signs of aging.– It revitalizes, removes dead skin cells, whitens, tightens pores, fade acne scars và helps remove and prevent blackheads.

These are some pretty large claims! I was very excited to put this serum khổng lồ the test & see how well it could hold up khổng lồ it’s claims. I was most interested in looking for an improvement in my skins pigmentation issues as well as seeing an improvement in controlling my acne breakouts.

My Skin Over a 3 Week Time Span

I applied the serum lớn my skin every morning and night to lớn maximize my results. I would apply is after washing and toning my skin. After applying, I would let the serum absorb completely into my skin before applying any additional products. It is recommended on the Wishtrend website khổng lồ keep the OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum in the refrigerator after opening to lớn maintain its quality and potency as well as khổng lồ help provide and instant calming và cooling effect when applied lớn the skin. I made sure to lớn always keep my serum in the refrigerator lớn help preserve it’s quality. I took photos of my skin every day for a time span of 2.5 weeks so I could track my overall skin improvement và results of the serum. Here are my results after only 2.5 weeks!

When comparing the photos, you can easily see in Day 1 My skin was very red và looked irritated as well as has visible risen pimples. After 1 week, the pimples on my skin had significantly reduced in size and the overall redness in my skin had reduced as well. However, there still was some visible purple undertones to my post acne scars. After 2.5 weeks you can easily see that the redness in my skin was almost gone và there were no longer & risen acne pimples. The purple tone to lớn my post acne scars had also reduced and my skin had started to gain a more even tone! The results I gained in 2.5 weeks were quite amazing! My Overall

Thoughts & Opinions

I truthfully was quite happy with this product & would 100% purchase it! I also loved the consistency of the serum. Compared to serums I have used in the past, the OST Original Pure vitamin C20 Serum had a lovely lightweight and breathable feeling on the skin. However, if you use too much serum, it can start to lớn feel sticky and tacky on the skin, but when the right amount is applied ( 2-3 drops ) you experience a lovely lightweight texture that provides an instant glow. When the serum is stored in the fridge (how it is recommended khổng lồ be) You experience an instant pore tightening effect when applied khổng lồ the skin. It cools và refreshes the skin và tightens và closes the pores! It truly is quite the refreshing feeling. Especially on hot summer days! I even enjoyed the smell of it! It has a true Orange Citrus smell lớn it, a fragrance you would expect from a powerful vitamin C product. I have heard some people saying the Fragrance was too strong for their liking, however, I personally had no issues with it. Irritation wise, I experience none! I have sensitive skin so I was pleasantly surprised to lớn be able to lớn enjoy this sản phẩm every day with no irritation lớn my skin!


I loved this serum & I fully enjoyed every bit of it. This in my personal opinion is the perfect serum for any skin type lớn enjoy. It is lightweight enough for oily skin types, gentle enough for sensitive skin type, hydrating enough for normal & combination skin types và provides the right màn chơi of nutrients for any dry skin type khổng lồ use. It truly is a universal serum for all skin types! Even the Price of the serum is excellent running at an original price of $24.99 on Wishtrend.com. It is an extremely affordable serum.

OST vi-ta-min Sleep 9 lớn 5 Crema Review


In a addition to the OST Serum, it’s partner sản phẩm is the OST vi-ta-min Sleep 9 khổng lồ 5 Crema. This is a night cream that has been specially formulated khổng lồ work in combination with the OST C20 Serum khổng lồ maximize the effects over night while you sleep while also provided deep moisture, repair and boosted vi-ta-min C. I received this cream along with my serum so that I would better be able to thử nghiệm out the entire vitamin C series from OST. I used the OST vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema along with the serum from day 1. I wanted to kiểm tra them in combination lượt thích how they are designed khổng lồ be used so I could gain the best results in a short period of time.

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OST vitamin Sleep 9 lớn 5 Crema Claims

– Works best in combination with OST Original Pure vi-ta-min C20 Serum to boost effects for best results.– Overall skin tone brighteningSoft và Light texture– Increases absorption of vitamin c into the skin– Best unique of hydrating ingredients– Overnight skin repair & moisture

The claims of this night cream more or less state that the cream is best used along side the Serum so your skin can receive the most ideal amount of vitamin c. Since the cream is designed lớn be used with the serum, I made sure to vị just that and use it every night after my serum so I could achieve the best results.


My Overall Thoughts và Opinions I actually really enjoyed this night cream! like I mentioned earlier, I used it as directed from the Wishtrend website, using it as a night cream after using the OST C20 Serum. With my skin type being combination to dry, sensitive và acne prone, I found this cream should ONLY be used at night sparingly. It has a wonderful lightweight texture however it provides an intense amount of moisture & can leave the skin “appearing” shiny và oily, making it unsuitable lớn use during day time. However, these features make sense since it is only meant to lớn be used during the night while you sleep. I mainly enjoyed this night cream because the texture instantly smoothed over and reduced the appearance of dry patches on my skin and cured them over night. I would always wake up in the morning with lovely, supple, smooth & hydrated looking skin that look refreshed & soft. It helped lớn control my dry areas on my face such as my nose, jawline và cheeks. The fragrance of the night cream matched the serum with a lovely Orange citrus scent that reminded you that your treating your skin with a lovely amount of vi-ta-min C. Because of its deep moisture properties, if you have an oily skin type, I would not recommend the night cream to lớn you. It would be too rich và most likely cause you lớn break out. You would be just fine with the serum alone.


I really loved this night cream. In combination with the serum, they both worked quickly on my skin lớn control my break outs, cure my dry patches of skin, fade existing post acne scars & prevent to lớn appearance of new ones. All while controlling pore kích cỡ and providing deep hydration và moisture. Not lớn mention once again the price of this night cream is extremely affordable in comparison to other night creams. The OST vi-ta-min Sleep 9 to lớn 5 Crema night cream costs $25.99 on Wishtrend.com which is a great price for such a good quality product!




YES! A new và improved formula for the C trăng tròn serum! Now with 1.5% more vitamin C, less ingredients, no parabens và not sticky texture!


Thank you for reading this in depth review! I hope I can bởi more review and special giảm giá khuyến mãi posts like this in the future for you all! I hope these amazing giao dịch are helpful you anyone who has been looking khổng lồ get their hands on these products. I also hope my review was helpful khổng lồ anyone looking for more info on these products!